Applying Cached Updates

A new feature of AppLife Update 5.0 allows your applications to easily apply updates that have previously been downloaded by your applications. This is very useful when your application resides on field computers that come and go from your primary network.

All that is required to do to use this feature is to set the Update Controller’s Disconnected NetworkEnableOfflineUpdates property to true. By default, this feature is not enabled. Once set, any updates that get downloaded are made available to the update controller until they are applied. They will be available even if network connectivity is lost.

A common use-case for this feature is when applications are configured to check for and download any updates upon application startup and at certain intervals while operating, but defer the update process until the application is shutdown or restarted. In these situations, the deferred updating process might well take place when the deployed system has been moved away from the network. If the EnableOfflineUpdates property has been set, the update process can proceed whenever it is convenient for the user, regardless of whether or not a network connection is available.